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Leprechauns is actually a type of fairy, usually taking form in an old man. They are self-appointed guardians of an ancient treasure (left by the Danes when stumbling through Ireland).A female counterpart has never been mentioned anywhere. Leprechauns are often talked about as the “the Irish trickster fairy”. If a human being (a mortal) encounters one of these beings, he will always promise you three wishes and great wealth if he is sat free. But mind you, they are greedy, little liars...


BansheeLeprechaun SelkiePhookas

Ireland share a lot of it's creatures with other countries such as Scotland and Wales.

Selkies are really seals that can transform, usually to beautiful women. They remove their skin, and put the skin back on when they want to be seals again.There are loads of romantic tragedies about selkies and fishermen. If a lonley fisherman's wife drops seven tears into the ocean, a male selkie will appear and make love to her.

Appears as a young woman or an old lady. The Banshee cries as an omen of death. Usually with red eyes from all her crying. In 1437, King James I of Scotland met with a Banshee who foretold of his death at the instigation of the Earl of Atholl. A Banshee’s cry shatters glass, this is how terrible it is.

Irish goblin, and a Fae. Phookas are shapeshifters, often a goat or a horse. They are known for being vicious pranksters, though they never enter human homes. They love destroying crops. Any crops unharvested on Samhain will belong to the Phookas. If one were to harvest after Samhain, it is said that the Phookas will give you dead cattle.

Ireland - Land of Fairytales?








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