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Social Studies

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An Island located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is in Northwestern Europe. The United Kingdom is to the East of Ireland.

Capital: DublinPopulation: 4,109,086 peopleLanguage: English & IrishCurrency: EuroClimate: Mild summers, cool winters, lots of rainProducts: Potatoes, cattle, sheep, horses, barley, hay, sugar beets, wheat, fish, manufactured products

Just the Facts

- located at the Blarney Castle near Cork- a block of limestone- folklore says that if you kiss it then you get the gift of speech- 'the word ''blarney'' means talk that praises a person more than they deserve

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Things That Make Ireland Special

3. There are no snakes because the sea stopped them from reaching the island.

2. It has lots of rugged landscape.

1. It is called the Emerald Isle because it has lots of lush, green fileds, and undisturbed open land.

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  • sbdtc74 9 years ago

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    Makes no sense

  • 17jessiek 9 years ago

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    Why is there an Italian flag on a glog about Ireland?

  • MissBell 8 years ago

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    The Italian flag is green, white, and red. The Irish flag on this glog is green, white, and ORANGE. Similar, but not quite the same.

  • sv5c6bpyp 8 years ago

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    Hi Ms.Bell! I like your glog!

    Becky R. From Ms. Kwans class