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Social Studies

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Relgions:87% Roman Catholic3% Anglican Church of Ireland10% Other (Christian, Non-Christian, or no religious beliefs)

Languages: Irish-Gaelic, English, Shelte, Gammon

Attitude:Easygoing, Lighthearted, good-humored, polite, and cheerful

Clothing: Warm clothing with earthy tones, sweaters, conservative, rainwear, and other European fashions.

Gestures- Holding open doors, giving up seat on bus/train for the pregnant or elderly, thanking the bus driver, drivers giving small wave to others, sign of cross when passing by church or ambulance.

Holidays: Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, St. Stephen's Day, St. Brigid's Day, and Hallowen (also called Samhain).

Dating and Marriage: Most common place for people to meet are at Pub's. For teenagers, the movies or dances are most common. For special dates, many teens will go to a Deb (just like an US prom). People usually live together before marrying. Divorce has only recently been legallized (1997)

Greeting- People may shake hands and say either, "Hello", "How are you", or "Goodmorning/afternoon". To say goodbye, many will say either "Dia is muire duit" (God and Mary be with you), "Slan" (safe), or "Slan agus Beannacht" (safe and blessed). Family may be greeted with a kiss.

Family- The average family contains two children. Most children move out at age 18-19 to attend college, move in with partner, or when they are able to care for themselves. Extended family usually live nearby, and will often have dinner with each other on Sundays.

Housing- Bungalows, cottages, and housing estates

Recreation- Sports: soccer, rugby, hurling, and Gaelic football. Leisure: reading, sailing, cycling, golf, hunting, shooting, horse racing, hiking, fishing. Vacation: once a year

Economy-Agriculture- potatoes, sugar beets, turnips, barley, wheat. (5% of all labor force) Technology- textiles, chemicals, machinery.Tourism- major factor in economy

Education- Ages 5-15. Primary school: 5-12 Secondary school- Junior Cycle:12-15 Senior Cycle- 15-18. Uniforms are common.

Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle due to its large, green fields.

GovermentPresident: Michael D. HigginsPrime Minister (Taoiseach): Enda Kennedy Voting Age: 18

Population: 4,775,982

Diet: potatoes, smoked salmon, stew, lamb, pig feet, dairy products, veggies, seafood, fruit, tea, eggs, bacon, and colcannon

Transportation:busses, tram system (called "luas"), taxi, cars.


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