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Social Studies

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two facts about Ireland - The highest point in Ireland is Mount Carrantuhohill with its 1041 meters.- Saint patrick's is an Irish holiday honouring saint patrick

Here is Ireland!

This is a Boxty

BoxtyBoxty is like a "Potato pancake" but the difference is that in a Boxty there is more baking soda that makes the Potato pancake more fluffy.

Must see places in Ireland!Dublin’s St. Patrick’s CathedralThe Blarney StoneThe Oscar Wilde statue

The beautiful country Ireland

On Saint Patrick's day Ireland domany things:-They bake many green pastries-They have a big big parade-They colore the water green

Happy Saint Patrick's day!

Population in IrelandClick here to see Ireland's current population.

This is a Boxty

St. Patrick`s Cathedral

Economy* Ireland is a member of the eurozone.* In 1990 the Irish economy was good but in 2008 the economy went down due to a housing bubble* The goal is to be back on track by 2015 with help from EU.


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