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Social Studies

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Dress Attire

Significant IndividualsWriters/Playwrites/Poets:Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)Politicians/Activists:Charles Thomson (1729-1824)Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847) Scientits/Inventors:Robert Boyle (1627-1691)Louis Brennan (1852-1932)


Kareem Caudle

Ireland Flag

Popular Foods

Official Name: Eire,Republic of Ireland Capital: DublinCurrency: EuroMain Religion: Roman CatholicLanguage: Irish(1), English(2)Government:Constitional Democracy

General Info.

(297-450)Irish warriors raided Roman Britain(650-750)During these years, Old Irish laws were in force.(795)RaidIeland. In 802 and 806 they attacked Iona. In 823 they killed bishops and scholars at Bangor. By 837 they were starting to establish long-tern bases in Ireland. (900-911)From now on, people were speaking what we call 'Early Middle Irish'. (1028-1036)People began to speak what we call 'Late Middle Irish'.(1555)Pope Paul IV declared that Ireland was a kingdom.(1610)Settlers from England and Scotland began to arrive in Ulster(1641) A rising began in Ulster. Goverment forces were beaten at Julianstown Bridge, near Drogheda.The Ulster Irish and old English allied with one another against the English.

Important Events In Ireland History

(1647)Dublin was lost to parliamentary forces.(1652-1653)Land was confiscated under Cromwell's orders. All landowners who had been involved in the rebellion would lose their estates.Even those who had not been involved were driven of their land and sent to Connacht.(1695-1709)Catholic laws were passed, called the 'Popery Code' or Penalty Laws.(1704-1709)Acts were passed that forbide Catholics to buy land or lease it for more than 31 years.(1842)The first edition of the Nation paper was published by the Young Ireland Group.

In older times,women and girlsoften wore dancing frocks or leines and men and boys often wore Scottish kilts. Now,in moderndays Galway's Shawls and Aran sweters are very common amongst women and men.

-Corned Beef & Cabbage-Shepard's Pie-Soda Bread-Lambs Stew-Fried Cabbage and Sausage



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