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Social Studies

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IrelandBy Ryan Doerzaph

To the left is a map of Ireland.

Irelands Population is 4,987,427 people. The size of Ireland is 32,657 square miles

The picture below is of Ireland's Capital Dublin

To my right is a picture of giants causeway a popular touist attracion

To the right is the flag of ireland it has 3 colored stripes. Green red and orange.

There is lots of tourist attractions in ireland. One of them is Cape Clear Bird which holds reccords for the amount of rare birds there. There are especialy lots of rare seabirds. This place is great for bird spotters.

The most widely eaten crop in Ireland is the potato. There was a potato famine because if a disease called potato blight. that ruined all of their potatoes

Another great tourist attraction is Giant's Causeway. Gaint's Causeway is a rocky coast but not the type of rocks your thinking of. These rocks are stacked and tall like pillars but small enough to climb. They are also hexagonal shaped. The rocks are made out of basalt. They were the result of a volcanic eruption.

The main ethnic group of ireland is Polish. And the main cultural group of ireland is Gaelic. And their main sport is Gaelic football of soccer in america.


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