Iran During the Cold War

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Iran During the Cold War

Iran During the Cold War


Time Line


Iranian crisis of 1946

In 1953, a UN/US sponcored Coup took place in Iran, putting a more pro US Shah into power.

In 1979, the Iranian revolutio took place that eventually overthrew the United States supported government.

1980-86, the Soviet Union ivaded Iran and Afganistan, Peace was promissed before the war, but neutrility only lasted a year. Iran came out on top and lost trust in the Soviets. After, Iran isolated itself, dispising both the West and the East.

Alongside the Iranian revolution, the US embacy in Iran was overrun with Iranian students loyal to the revolution.

52 Americans were taken hostage for 444 days, and were subject to mock exacutions. Six Americans escaped and sought safty at the Canadian Embacy. All were safely rescued and were extracted during the 'Canadian Caper'

In 1946, a pro western Iran was under attack by a soviet trained Kurdish force. The country was ready for this attack and defended Iran, sucessfuly destroying the pro-Soviet opposition. The real impact of this event is the Nationalization of Iranian oil that the allies had been taking and makeing a profit on. Essentialy draging iran into the Cold War.


Coup of 1953


Iranian Revolution and Coup



Iranian Hostage Crisis

Iranian-Soviet War

This coup was also sponsored by the CIA and was the center for the start of anti-Westernism in the middle east.

Both the CIA and the United Kingdom's MI6 were both involved in the plotting of this coup. It included bribing military/governmental officials, starting riots, and using crime syndicates as the starters for many of the riots and protests.


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