[2015] 071geol (Ms. Kirkhope): Iqbal

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[2015] 071geol (Ms. Kirkhope): Iqbal


Written byFrancesco D'Adamo


This story takes place in the country Pakistan. In a city called Lahore. In this dusty place, there are factories. And in these factories, there are children working to pay off a debt, working to live. Some are underground, some are on ground and all have nasty masters who whip and scream to the children to work faster and faster. In one of the factories, is Iqbal.


Main Characters

The main characters are:Iqbal : A skinny, talented, brave, 10 year old kid who wants to stop child laborFatima : a young 10 year old girl who works at the carpet factory with Iqbal, this story is spoken in her point of veiwMaria : a very young girl also working with Iqbal and Fatima. She may be the key to everyones freedomHussain Khan : An ugly, greedy, greasy haired master. He is the master of the Iqbal and FatimaEshan Khan : the leader of the "Bonded Labor Liberation Front". The BLLF is a group of people who want to stop child labor

Iqbal is a story of a boy (named Iqbal) who is sold to a carpet factory at a young age and was moved around from factory to factory because he always tried to run away. Finally he came to Hussain Khan's factory and met Fatima, Maria, and a handful of others. But Iqbal does not want to stay still and work all day long. He tries to run away several times, but was caught and was returned to Hussain who punished him evilly. Everyone had given up hope, except for him. Join him as he fights his way to freedom, and free other kids.

Child Labor

Child Labor is a horrendous act. Putting children to work for 12 to 14 hours a day, it is a horrible position to be in as a child. Not being able to learn itself is awful enough but no, child labor is it's own level. Why is it still happening? Because everyone leaves the work for everyone else. You should stand up for yourself AND others. In this way child labor could stop.There are people who have acted to stop child labor. Click on the links below to learn how they started and acted. Remember, you can do it too!

This is a true story

The true facts of Iqbal's life is still unknown. These are some guesses:




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