[2015] jack m (Ms. Kirkhope): Iqbal

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[2015] jack m (Ms. Kirkhope): Iqbal

Iqbal, written by: Francesco D'Adamo

Settings:This story takes place in Lahore, Pakistan.The main places thoe are... Hussain Khans (Iqbals master)worn down, illeagle and massive carpetfactory, where the kids madecarpets in rusty changed looms. Also there was the Bonded Labour Federation Front headquaters. It's where thekids went after the factory, it is ashady pink coloured house, with loads of two bed bedrooms (nice and tighty) well pretty much an average two story house.

Main Characters:First is Iqbal (aged 13) (short,thin,black hair,dark,brown eyes): he is brave,kind and able to take a risk. Second is Fatima (12 years old) (tall,kind of thin,black hair,dark): she is helpful, rarley shy and belives in Iqbal. Third is Maria (aged 5) (small,thin,dark,black hair): she is smart, would make a great teacher and belives in Iqbal as well.


Summary Continued:Once they got to the headquarters the assistants cleaned each kid (hadn't had bath/shower in an average of 5 years) then got toured around they house. After a cople of days only four kids remained (brought back familys) and Iqbal decided to go undercover at child labour factorys and save as many childerns as possible. Eshan Khan loved they idea and in a couple months Iqbal shut down 11 factorys while saving about 200 kids, but later two bombs hit the headqaurters. Then Eshan Khan told Iqbal/Fatima too meet them in his office, first telling Fatima they found her family and then telling Iqbal he won the "Youth in Action" award presnted by Rebook ( it's where they find someone who has impacted his or her country), then he said the winner gets 15 grand!, so it meant Iqbal got to boston and get the award and also gets to go t Swedan to speak as well!.... If you want to find out what happens next go and buy it.

Summary:Fatima (age 12, how is telling the story) works in a carpet factory in Lahore, Pakistan runned by: Hussain Khan 14 hours a day 7 days a week in horrible conditions (child labour). There are just over a dozen kids working there sad and lonley (aged 5 to 17), well sad and lonley until Iqbal came and worked as well, once Iqbal was there he monavated the kids and they were less afraid of Hussain Khan, by cutting the hardest carpet ever made in half. After a month Iqbal escaped the factory the returnd with a card, all though no one could read our write until the youngest girl (5) said "I can read", she teached them how to read (it said: "we are thet Boned Labour Federation Front and we want to stop child labour) then... Iqbal escaped once more then bring back the B.L.F.F. then Eshan Khan (leader) took the kids too there head quarters.

For more information on child labour go to www.products of child labour.org

About Child Labour:Child labour is when familys send kids (aged 4 to 18) to a master for little $$. Child labour labour is wrong beacause... when you are in child labour you don't get an education or free play, I belive that all kids should have freedom. If you want to support you can donate to... right to play or free the childern.

The carpet Iqbal ruined

Main Characters Continued:In Iqbal there are two other main characters, they are:Hussain/Eshan Khan (not brothers). Hussain Khan (small,fat,short black hair/beard, greasy hands,dark) was Iqbals master, he is un fair, greetey and hates childern. Also there is Eshan Khan (white hair/beard,dark,has glasses) he is respectful,responsable and loves childern.


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