[2015] Ara K (Ms. Kemp): Iqbal

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[2015] Ara K (Ms. Kemp): Iqbal

Iqbal a Novel

By: Francesco D'adamo

Translated by: Anne Leonori

Iqbal is a story. At least that’s what I thought. His courage was so strong, big, influential and so powerful it just didn’t seem like reality. His life seemed like a lecture that my mom would tell me if I didn’t appreciate what I had. Like how kids in Africa and Pakistan was given what I had they would be very grateful and feel over whelmed with a bucket full of joy! But Iqbal’s life isn’t a lecture. It is as real as you right there reading this glog. It is as real as this world that produces wonderful miracles that we believe. But now I am wondering- why can we believe something so unrealistic but not believe in Iqbal’s story? That is simple: we believe what we have experienced. We have experienced gravity and air but we have never dared imagine Iqbal’s harsh conditions we will never go through… Shall we step into the 1990's?


(Iqbal’s point of view) - I (Iqbal) was born in Muridke, Pakistan in 1985, I lived a happy life. You thought that was it right? You thought I just suddenly became a symbol for no big deal right? Well you are wrong it took time and lots of effort.I was sold to my first carpet factory in 1989 because my father had borrowed 26 dollars which is more than 200 rupees. So naturally like most poor kids in Pakistan I got sold, far, far away from my family, the cozy farm and my home. I was working under harsh conditions under Hussain Khan’s order for a year which felt like forever- Hussain Khan is a greedy, selfish man that doesn’t appreciate anything but the fact that he was rich-. I got sent to the nasty air killing tomb (a tunnel like thing that you get sent into if you “misbehaved” You can barely breathe because it feels like the air is slicing rapidly into your lungs) several times. Then I realised that I wanted to put an end to child labour in Pakistan! I attemted to escape but I failed. But then I got the courage from all my friends and tryed again. I had finally succeded. I stood up to the cruel masters in Pakistan and proudly joined the bonded liberation front of Pakistan and saved over 13 factories that was using child labour!! I was interviewed so I could share my thoughts on child Labour and saw American more modern technology for the first time! I was even sent to the States to become a lawyer too, I have got to admit school was something I belonged in I just could feel it, and plus I finished 6 years of school in less than 4 years! But soon I got tired of the fame and camera flashes I went back to my loving family waiting for me at my home sweet home.


This story was taken place in Lahore. Lahore is the capital city of Pakistan. The center of Lahore is a beautiful and luxurious place to live but unfortunately that’s not where this story is exactly taken place. This story is taken place at the outer part of Pakistan which is not beautiful or luxurious. But I guess a story so melancholy would be odd with such a luxurious setting, am I right? Part of the story was also taken place in Hussain Khan’s house/carpet factory because it is half wood and half brick. There is an old well that is so old it looks like it hasn’t been used since ancient times and a silver Toyota van that is rarely used.


Fatima= she is a year younger than Iqbal and is a lot like him visually- she is very petite because she is under fed and she has smooth shiny raven coloured hair with rusty/dirty and dehydrated skin. She has a very determined side but also in the book she had shared some of her quite shadowy side.Maria= she is a young girl not willing to seek adventure but because she has become such a close friend with Iqbal it seems like adventure seeks her. She is very small as well due toward the amount she is being fed.Hussain Khan= he is a viscous man with a greedy mind searching for something so meaningless but to him worth more than life. Money. He is a fairly large man with hands that can carry more guilt then the huge hands of an elephant. Iqbal=Iqbal is a boy that made this book come to life. He was very intelligent and had hope like no one in the factory had. He gave everyone else a reason to try and never give up. He was a huge difference even when he was struggling. He was small indeed, he was 12 yet he was the size and weight of a 6 year old but his mind was bigger and more powerful than anyone because of the hope he was carrying. The hope that was small but grew inside his body into the biggest thing experienced by a person yet. He had greasy hair and a heart-warming smile with the slightest bit of sparkle of specialty in his eyes. Eshan Khan= he is the twist of the story because his brilliant mind had the same hope to save children's Iqbal. He was a wise man with a lovely wife willing to help and free helpless children like Fatima and Maria. He was a tall lean man with shiny black and raven hair with a hint of white and was quite old but was young at heart.

Main charachters

Child Labour is not like doing chores for your parents or just cleaning up your room for your own sake. It is not a topic regularly mentioned either. Child labour is doing jobs unsuitable for children in unhealthy and dangerous conditions all day and all night which prevents children all around the world from going to school and having an education. They are usually under fed to keep them small so tiny and quick jobs that must be very intricate will be done quick and smoothly with 1 or 2 or even no trouble and mistakes. They will often be treated unfairly and disrespectfully physically and verbally! They might be spanked or yelled at in many different ways too continuously it might even be part of their normal every day routine. For us we may have many choices in our routine but for them their choices are work or well, work! Many children not only from Pakistan are affected by child labour and is still living a miserable life. Did you know that if they don’t pay off the debt their children will have to pay it off so usually if the generation before you lived this life you will most likely have to live it too! When I hear this I can hear me sobbing loud and low sobs deep down in me. The sobs are heavy in my chest and I just want to go right in-front of the masters and end Child Labour for good. So I do hope this tragic use of child labour will be put to an end because every difference starts with one spark. Iqbal started the train of hope in abusive child labour why don’t wecontinue it? You know what, all I am hoping for is that this glog made you believe in Iqbal’s story because you know what it is a story and a lecture because it helped us learn something. It helped us learn to believe what we didn’t experienced and of course HOPE.

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