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IPW 10/3/10

Bosnia(culture exchange)

Cuisine:Bosnian cuisine uses many spices,but usually in very small quantities.most dishes are light,as they are cooked in lots of water,the sauces are fully natural,consisting of little more than the natural juices of vegetables in the dish.Bosnia cuisine is balanced between western and eastern influences.Due to the ottoman adminstration for almost 500years.Bosnian food is closely related to turkish,greek and other former ottoman and mediterranean cuisines.But due to Austrian rule,there are many influences from central europe.And mostly consists of beef and lamb.

Music:Traditional Bosnian and Herzogonvinian songs are ganga,rera,and from Ottoman era the most popular is savdalinka.

Sports:The most important international sporting evenet in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina wad the hosting of the 14th winter olympics,held in Sarajevo.

Architecture:The architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina is largely influenced by four major periods where political and social changes influenced the creation of distinct cultural and architectural habits of the population. Each period made its influence felt and contributed to a greater diversity of cultures and architectural language in this region.



Bosnia tourism



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