iPads and Literacy in the Primary Classroom

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iPads and Literacy in the Primary Classroom

Cost and ValueToontastic is free to download for the iPad from iTunes. However, it costs €17.99 to get the full version. If you found it worked with your class then is certainly would be good value for money. Especially as the app generally allows users to download it on to 10 devices.


What is it?Toontastic is an app that allows users to create original cartoons by selecting the characters and settings (from scratch or templates), posing and moving the characters around by dragging them around the screen, recording dialogue using the iPad's built-in microphone, and selecting an appropriate musical background.

Using Toontastic in the ClassroomI would use this in the classroom in a group setting. I think that it would be a great way to get the children excited about writing!By allocating each child a character and a job it is an easy way to get all the students to participate.Using Apple AirPlay or a VGA connection the children could then present their story to the class.

Why I Like the AppToontastic is a great app because it simply teaches the concept of a story by using the setting, characters and conflict etc. I think this would really help children who struggle with imagination. It allows the user to insert themselves into the story or a photo of any background, so it is really interactive. Also, the children can learn about tone and expression as they narrate the characters. It uses vivid graphics and is really simple to use.

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SAMR ModelOn a basic level the app is a substitute for a pen and paper. However, it completely modifies how the children create their fictional narratives and how they collaborate on their work. The Toontastic app even redefines how the children share their work by providing a ToonTube site for them to upload their story.

iPads and Literacy in the Primary Classroom


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