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iPad Access Features

iPad Access Features


Invert Colors


Guided Access


Large Text

Visible & Vibrating Alerts

Speak Selection

Safari Reader


Configuring Accessibility Features

"VoiceOver is a gesture-based screen reader that lets you enjoy the fun and simplicity of iOS even if you can’t see the screen. Just triple-click the Home button wherever you are in iOS to access VoiceOver. Hear a description of everything happening on your screen, from battery level to who’s calling to which app your finger’s on. You can adjust the speaking rate and pitch to suit you." (Apple, 2013)

"Dictation lets you talk where you would type. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard, say what you want to write, and your iOS device converts your words (and numbers and characters) into text. So it’s easy to type an email, note, or URL — without typing at all." (Apple, 2013)

"If a higher contrast helps you better see what’s on your display, iOS lets you invert the colors onscreen. Once you set your colors, the settings apply systemwide, even to video, so you get the same view no matter what you’re seeing." (Apple, 2013)

"Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant, helps you do the things you do every day.1 All you have to do is ask. Say something like “Tell Jay I’m running late” or “Remind me to make reservations for Saturday.” Siri can send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings, set reminders, look up movie times, and more. And Siri is integrated with VoiceOver, so you can ask where the nearest sushi restaurant is, and hear the answer read out loud." (Apple, 2013)

"If you have a hard time reading the text on your iOS device, use Speak Selection to read your email, iMessages, web pages, and books to you. Highlight text in any application, tap Speak, and Speak Selection reads the selected text aloud. You can adjust the voice’s dialect and speaking rate, and have words highlighted as they’re being read." (Apple, 2013)

"For some students, navigating the web can be a sensory overload. Safari Reader reduces the visual clutter on a web page by removing distractions. It strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing you to focus on just the content you want. And Safari Reader works with Speak Selection and VoiceOver, to provide auditory reinforcement for what you're seeing." (Apple, 2013)

"You can increase the font size in your iOS apps up to 56 points. When you activate Large Text, the text inside your alerts, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes is converted to a larger, easier-to-read size." (Apple, 2013)

"Zoom is a built-in magnifier that works wherever you are in iOS, from Mail and Safari to the Home and Lock screens. And it works with all apps from the App Store. A simple double-tap with three fingers instantly zooms in 200 percent, and you can adjust the magnification between 100 and 500 percent. While you’re zoomed in, you can still use all of the familiar gestures to navigate your device. And Zoom works with VoiceOver, so you can better see — and hear — what’s happening on your screen." (Apple, 2013)

"The iPad delivers both visual and vibrating alerts for FaceTime calls, new text messages, new and sent mail, and calendar events. You can set an LED light flash for incoming calls and alerts. Choose from different vibration patterns or create your own." (Apple, 2013)

"Guided Access helps people with autism or other attention and sensory challenges stay focused on the task (or app) at hand. With Guided Access, a parent, teacher, or therapist can limit an iOS device to stay on one app by disabling the Home button, and even restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen. So wandering taps and gestures won’t distract from learning." (Apple, 2013)

VoiceOver Gestures

How to Use Siri on the iPad

iPad Zoom Function

Enlarging iOS Text Size

Inverting Colors on the iPad

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