Iowa Tests of Basic Skills

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Iowa Tests of Basic Skills

References Common Core State Standards. (2010). Retreived from http://www., S. and Welch, C. (2010). University of Iowa: IOWA Testing Programs. Retrieved from file:///E:/IOWA%20TESTS%20OVERVIEW.pdfHoover, H.D, Dunbar, S.B and Frisbie, D.A. (2007). Iowa Tests of Basic Skills® Forms A, B, and C. Retrieved from, Norman L., (1997). Criteria for Alignment of Expectations and Assessments in Mathematics and Science Education, National Institute for Science Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Washington, DC, the Council of Chief State School

The Iowa Tests were “developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts, to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our children for college and the workforce” (Common Core State Standard Initiative, 2010).

The Iowa Tests employs a framework which creates test items that measures aspects of each domain. It depends on state, professional and international standards, curriculum surveys, scholarly research, continuous assessment data, and feedback from educators, students and parents to maintain test validity.

The Iowa Tests undergo a very comprehensive item analysis to make sure that the assessment items are aligned to the common core state standards. Alignment is an important factor of test validity, and is defined as “the degree to which expectations and assessments are in agreement and serve in conjinction with one another to guide the system towards students learning what they are expected to know and do” Webb (1997).

The Iowa Tests are designed to support large scale assessment programs by: • Providing information to support standards-based instructional decisions • Reporting individual progress and growth to students, parents and educators • Reporting group progress and growth to educators, administrators and policymakers • Providing relative comparisons for interpretation of assessment results

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