Iowa State University Myths and Legends

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Social Studies

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Iowa State University Myths and Legends

Jeffery DahmerJeffery Dahmer lived in Fredrickson Court when his father was receiving his Ph.D in Chemistry. He moved here at the age of two and lived here for much of his childhood. He did not start developing social abnormalities until he moved to Ohio at the age of six.

The Ghost of the Gold Star HallLate night staff have reported sounds of what could be ghostly activity. The ghost is known to be Hortense Elizabeth Wind. She is honored with a stain glass window in the Memorial Union.

What is in that fountain?Students have done many things to the Memorial Union fountain. Students have peed in the fountain, swam in the fountain, and even have gone as far as to put pirahnas in the fountain!

The "Dead Man's Curve"A common myth is that a student whose roomate dies while attending the university will recieve a 4.0. This is only a myth, the Dean of Students claims they have resources but the student will not recieve an automatic 4.0.

Iowa State Myths & Legends



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