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Earth Sciences

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Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System

There are 28 IOTWS member countries around the Indian Ocean and they warn all the countries around the Indian Ocean that need to be warned of a tsunami.

A tsunami is caused when one techtonic plate gets pushed underneath the other and when it releases with an enourmous amount of pressure under water it creates an earthquake that pushes the water up creating a tsunami. This is all caused on a convergent boundary.

These are the steps that IOTWS follow to warning the areas that are going to be effected.

The IOTWS disseminate warnings by sms, phone, email, fax, radio, teleprinter, newspaper and tv.

Some other Warning systems are IOTWS, POTWS, North East Atlantic, Mediteranian And Connected Seas Tsunami Warning System and there is one in the Carribean.

The enviromental impacts of tsunamis are that buildings get destroyed, Crops are destroyed, food loss and water loss.

The social impacts of tsunamis are that lots of people die, communities are wrecked and families are devistated.

The IOTWS has been extremely helpful because in the chile 2010 earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8-8.9 with over 300,000 people just 525 died. This IOTWS has helped all the countries around the Indian Ocean.


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