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Chemical Elements

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The symbol is I

Atomic Number is 53

Melting point- 113.7 degrees celsiusBoiling point- 184.4 degrees celsius7 valence electrons-Oxidation numbers are: 7, 5, 3, 1, -1Isotopes- I-127As a solid it is black with hints of purple and blue. It is crushed, glossy rocks. As a gas it is a violet color.

In the early 1800s Bernard Courtois combined sulfuric acid and seaweed ash. That caused a urple gas that then condensed, forming crystals, giving it a metallic shine It was then submitted to the institute and was found to be a new element.

Avergae atomic mass- 126.90447 (u)53 protons53 electrons74 neutronsIt is a solid at room temperatureIt is a nonmetal and halogenmolar mass- 131 kg/mol

Orbital Diagram

Iodine is used in radiation emergencies

Electron dot diagram


Bohr model

It can also be used in antiseptics and ink dyes.

Ionide comes from the Greek word ἰοειδής ioeidēs, which means violet.

Iodine deficiency is believed to be the leading preventable cause of mental retardation.

Fun Fact:

phosphorus (P2I4) hydrogen(H2) ozone(O3)

Chlorine (CI2)

Iodine bonds with:

Part fo the halogen family along with: fluorine (F)chlorine (Cl)bromine (Br)astatine (At)

Iodine is a solidIodine is quite glossyIt's a purple gas

Iodine Haiku


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