Invisible Girl

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Invisible Girl

Invisible GirlBy: Mariel Hemingway

Obstacles* Oldest sister tried to put her in a dryer * Middle sister dropped her on her head* Mom died of cancer when she was 27* four generations of family suicide

Achievements* Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year at age 15 (Lipstick) * Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at age 18 ( Manhattan)*Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Television Series Drama (Civil Wars)

Today* Divorced mom of two girls, Langley (26) and Dree (27)* speaks publicly of her family's problems, which can be seen in her documentary, "Running from Crazy"

* wrote a book for teens and one for adults* hosts "Spiritual Cinema" and makes videos on yoga*Just finished biography on Ernest Hemingway called "Papa"

Making of "Papa"


*primarily grew up in Ketchum, Idaho*first movie deal when she was 14*moved to New York at age 16 for movie role, had private teachers on movie set* went to Boston University

Family Background & Influences



Father: Jack, fisherman and writerMother: Brya Louise, house wifeOldest sister: Margaux, model and actressMiddle Sister: Joan, actressGrandfather: Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize-laureate novelist Family history of mental illness, acoholism, & suicide


* November 22, 1961* Mill Valley, CA


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