Investing Project

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Investing Project

Only risk is that bond prices will fall as interest rates rise, will usually get what you paid back.3) BondsA loan from the investor to a corporation or the government for a period of time and is returned with increased value or the same value.

Investing Project

Part II

Seleen Hubbert


cannot lose money unless you try to get your money before the maturity rate.2) Certificate of DepositA certificate issued by a bank to a person depositing money for a specified length of time. They have a maturity date and a fixed interest rate.

Lowest risk, covered by FDIC, no way you can lose your money.1) Savings AccountA bank account that earns a small amount for interest.

Can lose a lot of money if the market goes down or by making a single mistake.6) Real EstateProperty that generates income.

Only semi-predictable, anything can happen, the market could crash, can either make a lot of lose alot7) StocksA share of a company held by an individual that can increase or decrease in value.

Highest risk, low liquidity, they dont have a lot of available information/history8) Penny StockA stock valued at less than one dollar that could increase significantly in value or decrease significantly.

The items may not be worth the amount spent on them, may go down in value.5) CollectiblesCertain items that may or may not become more valueable in the future.

The person managing the fund may choose to invest in a stock that goes down in value, but money is diversified4) Mutual FundAn investment program funded by shareholders that invest together in diversified investments that are professionally managed.

Spending money in oder to make a profit.


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