Investigating Khan Academy

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Investigating Khan Academy

Check out the above video for a quick, but effective tutorial on Khan Academy!

A Journey in Differentation

Investigating Khan Academy

What is Khan Academy?Recently, our second grade class has begun a differentiated math journey using Khan Academy. This is a fantastic website that not only checks students understanding of math standards and processes, but allows them to feel empowered and helps them take ownership in their own mathematical journey. This program is an amazing way to track students needs, progress, and reached goals.

Khan Academy has been a FANTASTIC tool for our classroom. I have a very diverse set of learners and Khan helps me meet the needs of each and every one of them. Through Khan, my second graders are working on showing their mastery of not only seond grade standards, but some third and fourth grade Common Core initatives as well. Students work collaborativly with each other and the teacher to establish new goals! My math class will never look the same! Check out the full explanation on the right!

How the Process Works: First, students use their name and login (which is directly connected to the teacher) to sign in. Second, students are given a pretest to determine what standards and areas they need assistance with and what standards they have already mastered. Third, students begin their journey. They are given questions to answer, video lessons to watch and prizes to earn!

Khan Academy also allows the teaher to control the lessons, standards and videos their students watch. In our class, we not only use this method for learning math, but Evidence Data Folders, Small Group and Whole Group as well! All students participate in the whole group math mini-lesson. This allows me to determine their strengths and weaknesses concerning a given set of standards. Once students have practiced the skill from the mini-lesson (and effectively modeled it) they are

then able to begin their individualized work.. This time of day does not look the same for all of our students. Some students spend the next block of time meeting with me in a focused small group. This ensures that they are grasping and moving forward with the priority standard for that day. While this is happening, other students are beginning their journey on Khan Academy and working to provide evidence for mastery with their Evidence Data Folders. The teacher will also meet with more independent learners as well.

What is in the Evidence Data Folders? These folders are specific to each child's needs. They contain mastery practice activities, evidence of mastery and extension projects.

Blair J. RobertsonMeadow Glen Elementary2nd Grade

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