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Environmental Studies

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invertebrate template

You are going to be creating a Glog (an on-line poster) about one of the endangered species within Kingdom Animalia!

You will start with this template. Remove any element you don't like - just select it and click the red trashcan! You are encouraged to use your own creativity!

You will be assigned one endangered animal to research.

Be sure to find some good pictures of the animal you are studying and describing for us. You will have to save those pictures and then upload them to Glogster to use. You must properly credit the source of any pictures you use!

Find a video clip about your animal. Use Discovery Ed or School tube. Credit your source properly!

If you can, include the common name, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family and genus species of your animal.

Your glog MUST include:1. the animal's habitat2. its diet3. its structural characteristics and/or distinguishing features4. adaptations or characteristics the animal has that should help it survive and thrive4. reasons for its endangered status or extinction; in other words, why hasn't this animal survived?5. ways that mankind has contributed to the demise of the species6. ways that mankind is trying to help the species regain normal population strength.

Your glog must have:1. Well written text that contains accurate research information. Grammar and spelling must be correct!2. Pictures of your subject and its typical habitat. Credit the source of your pictures.3. A video clip about the animal and about why it is endangered if possible. Credit the source of your video!4. Your first name and your current avatar to id your glog.

Be sure you have a banner title!

Cite your resources properly----use Bib Me to help!

Check out some of these links for your research!

Habitat Loss

Animal Planet Endangered Animals

Endangered Species Index

Endangered Species at Bagheera

Especies Fact Sheets

Discovery Education

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