Inventions: The Toilet

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Inventions: The Toilet

The Flushing Miracle: The Toilet

Where was this flushing miracle invented?The toilet was invented in Westminister, Abbey which was home to John Harrington!

Who invented the toilet?The inventor of the toilet was John Harrinton. Every one thinks Thomas Crapper invented it but they are mistaken. Crapper made the other bathroom supplies.

I wonder....Did you know that the toilet was also called a water closet back then?

What would the world be like without toilets?

This is a cleaner pool which cleanses all your buisness so you can reuse it!!! :)

Was this a luxury or neccesity?The toilet is a neccesity and a luxury.It's a neccesity because it was needed to go to the potty easier.If it weren't invented, people would have to go home with stinky, smelly heads. It's a luxury because it made using the toilet more easier and more luxurious. :)

What does this flushingly amazing toilet do?The toilet flushes all your buisness down into a cleaner pool (look down) so we can reuse it in our sinks,faucets, bathtubs, refigerators, and other supplies using water.

How has the toilet changed YOUR life?

By: Geena Lee

When was it invented?The toilet was invented in 1596. Back then before toilets were invented people had to do their buisness in pots. When they were done they would throw their buisness out the window. Sometimes on a person's head! PU!

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