Inventions of the 1800's

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Inventors and Inventions

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Inventions of the 1800's

Rachelle Baumann

This invention was a set of alternating stairs for people to travel from diffent floors of buildings easier + Easy/Faster way for people to get from floor to floor - Technical difficulties and lazyness became a trend

This invention was a new way to keep money safe and to calculate the correct amount of change. + Safe place to keep $- Easly broken into and for criminals to steal

Inventions of the 1800's


Film Productions for comedy or informational puposes to show to others + Could display things for people that could see in person - difficult, time consuming, and expensive

Motion Pictures

This was the first device that involved electicity and was an alternative to lighting rooms with fire.+ This lead to many more item with technology (ex. Camera Flash) - Nothing! All posative effects on America :)

Industrialization had many pros and cons.+Pros -Most inventions created more useful ways to complete tasks-Cons- Some ended not succesful some caused pollution etc.

VideoFirst Motion Picture

Was it all that good?

Cash Register

Light Bulb


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