Inventions and Inventors

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Inventors and Inventions

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Inventions and Inventors

Inventions and Inventors

Mr. Westinghouse is best known for his invention of the airbreak system for the railroad. With this it allowed for all car brakes to stop at one time, vs. before each one had its own break. This invention made it safer and more effeceient. Westinghouse house is also noted for the invention of ac. AC current is delivered to homes, and businesses, direct AC is what comes from batteries.

Thomas Edison did not just create one invention. He created many inventions. He is credited for creating the lightbulb, the ponograph, and many others. Edison was beginning to change American society as he began to supply the city of New York with electrical power. By 1889 he had formed the company that became known as general electric. His inventions had many impacts on American homes.

Thomas Edison

George Eastman

Created the first film in roll. In 1888 he created the first hand held camera, the kodak which was specifically made for roll film. A few years later he established the Eastman Kodak company one of the first companies to mass produce standardized photography equipment.

Alexander Graham

In 1874 an inventor ALexander Graham, and also an immigrant of shotish decent talked about transmitting sound through an electrical current. In 1877 he succeeded with this plan. This revolutionized the world for communication. He became the pioneer of AT&T company.


The typewriter was created in 1783. Sholes created the first typewriter that actually became successful. He then went on to sell the typewriter, and then afterwards the invention went on to make millions and millions of dollars. By 1910 a census stated that most wh used typewriters were women, and it was actually typical for unmarried women to be a typist.

William Kelly&Henry Bessemer

william Kelly discovered the process in 1851 but the process is named after Henry Bessemer who independently discovered the process. This big machine was pretty much an oxidation process for Iron.


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