Inventions and economic Growth 10-1 P7

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Inventions and economic Growth 10-1 P7

The Econimic and inventions of new tools and ideas of the Industrial Revolution

The inventionof the factry system created by Eli Whitney helped speed up production.

Eli Whitney also created the cotton gin which hepled pick the seeds out of the cotton when it came into the the factory

Eli Whitney was one of the first people to use interchangealbe parts.

The museum of Industrial Revoulution

Industrial revolution in began in the 1800's

One of the first people to use the factory system was Francis Cabot Lowell

In 1816 Congress the 2nd Bank of the United Sates was created for buisnesses with loans

In the 1793 diseases like Yellow fever and cholera because the towns didn't have sewer systems

Between the decades of 1790- 1820 cotton prouctionsoared from 3,000 to more than 300,000 bales a year

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In 1790 congress came out a law that gave people with made it illegal to copy other people inventions called a patent



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