Invention of the Light Bulb

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Inventors and Inventions

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Invention of the Light Bulb

- The light bulb was used to light us many buildings and houses.- It was considered one of the greatest inventions of the industrial revolution.- The light bulb that was long lasting and could by manufactured commercially at an affordable cost.- The light bulb made life easier by replacing candles lamps, and lanterns in almost every house.

- electric currents could heat thin strips of metal to white heat, producing light. - Connecting wires to a battery and a piece of carbon, the carbon will glow, producing light. This is called an electric arc.- Arc lamps were mainly used for outdoor lighting.- A suitable filament was a very thin wire that offered high resistence to the passage of electric currents.- In September 4, 1882, 25 buildings in New York City's financial district were illuminated.

The Light Bulb

How It's Made

Thomas Alva Edison

The inventor of the Light Bulb is Thomas Alva Edison. Edison was Born Februrary 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. For education he went to the Cooper Union. He invented many things including the invented the Telegrafo Quadruplex, Phonograph Cylinder, Carbon Microphone, Movie Camera, Electric Power Distrubution, Mimeograph, and Phonograph. Edison was not the first person to invent the electric light. He was trying to imorove the electric light and in the prosses he made the light bulb. Edison was considered one of the greatest inventors of the industrial revolution because his inventions changed many lives like his invention of the light bulb.

Light Bulb Facts


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