Invasive Species:Nutria

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 Invasive Species:Nutria

Invasive Species: Nutria

Nutria IdentificationSpecies:NutriaScientificName: Myocastor Coypus

Distribution The nutria is from South America, and was introduced to North America for its fur. They are still living in North America today.

Effects on People The effects it has on people is they use it fur and it has no other bad effects. But, unfortunately not for the environment.

Effects on EcosystemThe effects it has on the ecosystem is the marsh lands are shrinking and other ogranisms homes are being destroyed.

Reasons for SuccessThey are strong swimmers, they are able to build nests far from the water, and are more agile in the water than on land.

Issues for the futureThere have been attempts to control the spread of the Nutria. Some options to control the nutria are hunting them, are trying to pressure the state legistaor to do something.


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