invasive species

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invasive species

Little Red Fire Ants (Wasmannia auropunctat,Solenopsis stinging ants, Ginger ants)

Fire ants are red and black in coloration and, they are protected by a hard exoskeleton and have six legs.

Red fire ants use their stinger to inject the victim with alkaloid venom. The result is a burning sensation combined with red welts and pustules.

It was introduced into the United States at Mobile, Alabama, about 1940.

Red imported fire ants were first discovered in Queensland, Australia, in 2001. The ants were accidentally introduced into Australia.

Fire ants Originate from South America. It came not from another country.. bu from a whole nother continent.

Fire ants cause a crime because of their sting. ... By the time they sting, a large number of ants could be on your body, all stinging at once. Stings from fire ants can cause a painful, burning itching sensation, which can last for up to an hour. Multiple stings give the sensation that the body is on fire.

Fire ants were a problem in South America, then until they invaded Alabama. The red fire ant was imported around the 1930’s and has spread to infest more than 260 million acres of land in nine southeastern states, including all or portions of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.


The ways the "erase" and stop the spread of Fire ants is parasitic phorid flies are used in the United States to help control some fire ant populations.



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