Invasive Species - Kudzu

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Invasive Species - Kudzu

KudzuPueraria montana

Consequences of its introduction • vast majority of the underlying plants or trees eventually die• latches on to any still thing immediately •Kudzu disrupts the food chain by threatening vegetation that native animals use for food and shelter • costs lots of money especially for farmers

Solutions • goats• burning • herbicides • chopping • could take up to five years

What makes it successful? • prevents soil erosion (•Civilian Conservation Core)•treatment for high blood pressure•isoflavones that are found in Kudzu may significantly reduce cravings that alchoholics have• can be eaten or made into foods • livestock feed

More Facts About Kudzu• grows 10-12 feet a day • over 100 a season • "the vine that ate the South" • one of the most popular plants that is used on letters calenders etc.• vines are used for creating useful products like baskets"It’s here. It’s free… Why not?

Where was it inrotduced? •Japanese Garden Pavilion, during the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition


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