Invaders Attack Western Europe

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European history

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Invaders Attack Western Europe

Viking Ships

The Vikings were from Northern Europe, now known as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They were a Germanic people and worshiped war like Gods. They were skilled seafarers who raided areas with speed. Vikings ships could hold 300 warriors who took turns rowing 72 oars aboard the ship. The Vikings were also traders, farmers, and explorers. When Vikings accepted Christianity they stopped raiding monasteries.

The Muslims struck from the south and began their encroachments from Northern Africa. The plan was to conquer and settle Europe and begin invading Italy and Spain. Muslims were also expert Seafarers and attacked settlements on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.


Invaders Attack Western Europe ...


When Vikings Invasions declined a group of Nomadic people attacked from the east, present day Hungary. Magyars attacked isolated villages and monasteries.Magyars did not settle the land they conquered, they took the people as captives and sold them as slaves.


These invasions caused widespread fear and Kings could no longer defend their lands. As a result of these invasions people no longer looked to a central ruler for security. This led to people looking to rulers who had their own armies to provide them protection. Safety is not free...



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