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Inuit By: Maddy

One day a dog that was pulling a sled got his paw cut on the ice they rescued him and brought him back. I didn’t want it to happen to any of the other dogs so I asked my mom for four pieces of leather I measured a dog's foot then I cut the leather just the right size and made little dog boots.

The Inuit used Alaskan Malamutes as sled dogs.Basic facts about alaskan malamutes:Weight: Male 38.5 Kg (85 lb)Female 34 Kg (75 lb)Height and length: Male 63.5 Cm (25 inches)Female 58.4 Cm (23 inches)

What Inuit people ate:My people ate alot of weird things we eat eyeballs from animals such as seals. We also eat seal meat, fish, and whales.

Homes:Our homes were made out of whale bones, but as we moved mored and more we made houses out of ice called igloos.

My job is making clothes out of fur from the animals the hunters hunted.

Hi my name is Natsiq wich means seal in my peoples language. Naming are children is a very important tradition in our culture.

Here is a quote from the Inuit:Let the children see what we have done and let them follow in our footsteps.

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