[2014] ETHAN MCNALLY: Inuit Native American: Way of Life

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[2014] ETHAN MCNALLY: Inuit Native American: Way of Life

WeatherThe Inuit need to have warm clothes because in the winter it is -37 to -54 degrees. For about 9 months the area they live in is ice and snow covered. The Inuit still need to have warm clothes in summer because it is only -30 to -34 degrees.

ShelterIn the Artic, there are no trees so their homes can not be made of wood. During the winter, the Inuit tribe would sleep in igloos which is a house made of ice. In the summer, they would sleep in tent-like huts made of animal skin and fur.

ClothingThe Inuit's clothes are mostly made of animal skin and fur. They wear thick coats called "parkas" as an outer layer. Their boots are also made of animal skin.

Inuit Native American Way of Life

FoodThe Inuit tribe mostly eat meat because you can't grow fruit and vegetables in the Artic. Their diet mainly consists of polar bears, seals, whales, walrusses, fish and caribou.

WeaponsThe weapons that the Inuit use are spears, slingshots, knives, and bows. The Inuit mostly use spears to catch whales, polar bears, and other animals. They also used their weapons to help build their homes and other survivals materials.

TransportationTheir two main sources of transportation were sleds led by dogs and Kayaks.


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