[2015] Alex Grandolfi: Inuit

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[2015] Alex Grandolfi: Inuit

Inuit (Eskimo)By Alex Grandolfi

HomesThe Inuit lived in igloos. An igloo was composed of large blockes of comprssed snow and ice. The blocks were placed to for a dome.

Weapons-War harpoon-Spear thrower-Cable-backed bow-Bolas-Toggling harpoon-Kakivak-Ulu-Snow knife-Inuit axe-Inuit bow and arrow

LocationThe Inuit lived in Northern and Western Alaska, Northern Canada, and Southweastern Greenland

Roles of Inuit Women-Cook-Clean

Roles of Inuit Men-Hunt-Tribal Leadership

Stone ManThe Inuit are widely recognized by the stone man symbol

BelifsThe Inuit believe that there are many sprits that sometimes are connected, others not at all to their physical bodies.

Arts ' CraftsThe Inuit made masks and figurenes to use their creativity.


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