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A barium or air enema: this is both a diagnostic procedure and a treatment. If an enema works, further treatment is usually not requiered. This treatment is mostly for children and is repeated if the disease recurs.Surgery: surgery is only necessary if an enema doesn't work or if the intestine is torn. The surgeon frees the portion of the intestine that is trapped, clear the it and, if necessary, remove any of the intestinal tissue that went through necrosis. Surgery is mostly used for adults and people who are acutely ill.

Questions/those affected

-What is the mortality rate? For early diagnosis the mortality rate is less than 1% in children.-What are the most common ages affected? Between 3 to 36 months old.-Children and adults are affected by this disease. In children the cuase is usually unknown while in adults the cuase is usually another medical condition.

-Part of the intestine slides into the other part causing a blockage of blood flow and can cause tears or infection in the intestine.-In some cases, the intussusception is caused by an abnormal growth in the small intestine, such as a tumor/polyp. The usual contractions of the small intestine grab on to this tumor/polyp and pull it pushing the lining of the intestine into the bowel ahead of it. However, in most cases there is no known cause.

-Swelling in the belly-Blood and mucus in the stool, which may look purple-Vomiting-Sluggishness (lethargy)-Weakness-Fever


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