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My name is Andrew Schnoor and I am currently in my third year of teaching Special Education at Camanche High School in Iowa. I love to play tennis, bowl, and play videogames.I got married in December of 2014 on New Years Eve in Las Vegas. I married a beautiful and intelligent woman who pushes me to be the best that I can be. We currently have six dogs and three cats in our house. They can be a hand full at times but all of them are just lovely balls of fur.I am currently enrolled in the MAED program and am using it to expand my knowledge about the education system as well as to learn how to better educate not only my students but also myself, my fellow teachers, and society as a whole.

1) Girls Varsity Tennis Assistant Coach2) Eigth Grade Volleyball Assistant Coach3) Freshman Class Sponsor

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Andrew Schnoor

July 7th, 2015

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Growing up in Camanche, I was your not your most talkative student. I was never a part of just one "click" of students but rather ventured from group to group getting to know as many people as I could. The teachers were always helpful and knew how to teach the diverse group of students that we had in our building. I will never forget my first English paper that I wrote as a Freshman because it allowed me to meet a teacher who knew not only the curriculum but also how to get to know the students. Mrs. Christiansen was not widely liked by many students because of her stern rules and challenging assignments but one day she was handing back the first research papers that we had ever written and as she was handing me mine she asked if I had an older brother and if his name was Mike. I said yes and she told me that I wrote a lot like him as she smiled and walked away. I never gave it a thought until I flipped over my paper and saw an A+ at the top of page. It made not only my day but showed me that she was a teacher that I would never forget and who i could see myself one day being like.

“[Kids] don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” ― Jim Henson

As educators, we need to remember that not every student will remember what we teach them but they will remember how we taught them whether it is the subject material that we teach or if it was by simply being a role model that they desperately needed in their lives. It is that small things in education that we must live for and the ultimately joy is knowing that we were there for a student when they needed us.


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