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I have worked with many different children over the last 21 years. I use to have my own daycare and it was very rewarding work.

My name is Michele Schomer

I want to teach at HeadStart one day!

I love in NEBRASKA!!!with my 2 children, JOnathan who is in the 10th grade and Katilyn who is a full-time cashier as Sams Club.

This is Zoey, she is a Yo-chon, which is yorkie/bichon.

This Ryder and Bella and they are Yorkies!

I look forward to working with and meeting each and everyone that will join me in this class. Good luck and best wishes to all.

I am currently unemployed due to some health problems.

I am currently working towards my Bachelor's in early childhood education and cant wait to work with young children again.



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