Introduction to Romanticism

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Introduction to Romanticism

.Listen to Mozart's Piano Sonata #14 in C Sharp Minor, then listen to Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Major (Moonlight Sontata).Click on Jacques-Louis David and view his painting The Oath of the Horatii. Then click on Eugene Delacroix and view his Death of Sardanapalus.How are these artistic works representative of the movements that influenced them?

American Romanticists:Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe

Introduction to Romanticism

Romanticism was an attitude toward nature, humanity, and society that espoused freedom and individualism. The American Romantic period begins near the time of the founding of our nation and continues up until the Civil War. Characteristics of the period include: (1) an emphasis on imagination as a key to revealing the depths of the human spirit; (2) a great interest in the picturesque and exotic aspects of the past; (3) an enthusiasm for portraying national life and character; (4) the celebration of beauty and mystery of nature; (5) a focus on the individual' (6) a fascination with the supernatural and the gothic; (7) a sense of idealism.

What is Romanticism

Take a closer look at Thomas Cole's View in the White Mountains. How does it differ from Delacroix's piece? Does anything about Thomas Cole's painting strike you as distinctly American?


Neoclassicism vs. Romanticismin Europe

Romantic Literature in America

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Listen to Mozart's sonata first....then click on Beethoven below.

Check out David's painting, then view Delacroix's.


Romantic Art in the U.S.


Compare Literary Movements here!

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