Introduction to Probabilty

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Introduction to Probabilty

You will be designing carnival games. These games need to be challenging to the player, but make it possible for the player to win the game. The games also need to be aesthetically appealing and fun to play.To begin you will be exploring the role probability will play in designing these games.

1) Watch the video about probability2) Look over the examples below3) Answer the question about airplane seating4) Click on the paperclip icon to get your homework

Probability tells us what is more or less likely to occur. It doesn't tell us what will speficially happen in a given event.


Using the jar of marbles described above, what is the probability of choosing a blue marble?

Your turn

Don't lose your marbles

What is the probability of choosing a red marble?

Your Instructions

Lesson 1

Introduction to


Get Inspired

A jar contains marbles6 red, 5 yellow, 8 blue, 1 green

P (red) = # of chances to pick a red = 6 total #of marbles 20


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