Introduction to My World

by 24Dragonash
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Language Arts

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Introduction to My World

I just completed my 3rd year of teaching Special Education at a local High School. I am also the Girls Varsity Assistant Tennis Coach as well as Freshmen Advisor.I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and my wife likes the Seattle Seahawks which was exciting when the Chiefs beat them last season and we stood in the frigid temps at Arrowhead Stadium to see an awesome game (see photo at bottom right).

Hi my name is Andrew Schnoor.I am 27 and am happily married to my wife Justine and we live with our 6 dogs and three cats.

I believe that this Master's Program will help me in my interest to help students with the most up-to-date strategies available and technology is growing as a part of education in a way that frankly scares me sometimes.

Being in Special Education has allowed me to be exposed to multiple types of assistive technology. I am currently working with students that need chromebooks to complete work and also various hearing tools to help them hear or to communicate.I have been impacted by technology on a daily basis because I not only work with students with disabilities but also because the education world is growing so fast that you would never survive without the use of some sort of technology within your grasp and any moment.



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