Introduction TE 846

by MeunierL
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Introduction TE 846

Lauren Meunier

English Language Arts Teacher

Beautiful Sedona, AZ hiking adventure!


While I am a Michigan State University graduate, I moved to Surprise, AZ upon completing my internship. Since moving to Arizona, I have become an avid weekend hiker and especially enjoy the beautiful scenery in Northern Arizona. While I'm not teaching, I also enjoy spending time reading by the pool and taking kickboxing classes; I'm certainly a novice, but I try! I currently teach 8th grade ELA and senior English at a small charter school in Surprise, AZ. I recently finished my third year teaching and am one month away from starting year four! I have experience teaching both accelerated and intervention courses. My work with struggling readers has been in the classroom setting, but also within the context of morning tutoring sessions for reading intervention.

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The literacy challenges I face are three fold. Firstly, I struggle to move struggling readers, who are below grade level, to grade level before the end of the year. Often they show tremendous growth, but do not meet the state standard required for 8th grade. In addition, I struggle to challenge my accelerated students enough so that they are also continuing their growth. Oftentimes, pushing accelerated students from "meeting" the standard to "exceeding" the standard can be quite challenging. Lastly, I struggle to foster a sense at my school that everyone is responsible for enhancing student literacy skills, at least within that discipline. Students should be reading and writing across grade levels and content areas, not only in ELA classes. I hope to learn some literacy strategies to bring back to my staff, teachers of all disciplines. In addition, I would love to learn more about strategies for remediation, especially in reading since I teach morning intervention classes with struggling readers. I'd also be interested in learning more about how to increase rigor for already excelling students to continue their growth.




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