Introduction Glog :)

by PariSUSHI
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Introduction Glog :)

Hey there everybody and welcom to my first Glogster! So yeah this is a small one for starters but making some more soon!! Shout out to my besties; Alana, Nuala, Ingrid, Lia, Neve, AND OTHER PEOPLE TO MANY TO MENTION... sorry abot that :) Anyways I have many more coming and this sounds really weird. The next one is going to be based on my likes and stuff because this one as I said is just my first one AKA introduction. Check out my next one when you have time....ILY - Paris

About Me!

Subject:"Hey there WORLD"

Hello! :)

Mysterious Obsession

I Say

Ok so you all ask me about my strong passion about the Titanic.... Well I love it because ; Its, amazing, full of facts, a great event, emotional and was great movie :) LOl so any other questions ask me sorry about the lack of explaining but its kinda hard. My one dream is to see it for real in the Atlantic Ocean.WISH ME LUCK !



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