Introduction for Students

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Introduction for Students

Introduction for Students

When your teacher assigns a glog,it will usually be in the form of a PROJECT.You will see all PROJECTs assigned to you right when you log in. To start on your PROJECT, click the underlined word PROJECT and it will open a new page with all your projects (2). Click on the underlined title to see details and then click on the pink CREATE YOUR PROJECT GLOG bar to start. (3) The FIRST thing you ALWAYS do is name your glog. Once you so this, you can jump right in and explore or if you want to see some videos on how to create a glog and use all the tools, watch the video tutorials below.

ALWAYS name your glog FIRST (top of the page) before you start.

WALL tool basics

GRAPHICS tool basics

TEXT tool basics

IMAGE tool basics

VIDEO tool basics

SOUND tool basics


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