Introducing Glogster

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Introducing Glogster

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Think it, and Glog it!

GlogsterEdu is a virtual canvas that teachers and students can convert into a multimedia tool for the classroom. It is perfect for use as a presentation or assignment device for any grade level or subject, and is very user friendly. For example: teachers can create a complete virtual lesson on a Glogster that includes lectures, links to Internet sites, videos, tests, and quizzes. Teachers can also generate assignments that require students to present what they know on a Glog rather than on a traditional paper poster. How you choose to use GlogsterEdu is limited to your own ideas and imagination.



Resources and Tools

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Let's Glog!

Assignment:Comic Book PaperPresentation

Learn innovative waysteachers are using Glogs on the Glog Blog.

Here's a Glog to helpyou get Glogging

Click below, on any catagory, to view videos about using Glogster. Teaching with Glogster:Using Virtual Posters

Creating EffectivePresentations

How to create posters that graphically communicatemessages.

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