Introducing: Future Me!

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Introducing: Future Me!

Below is the info you are required to include in your Glog. If you have questions about the information you need to find, or the elements you must include in your Glog, make sure you ask Mrs. S .* * You must be responsible for your own education! * *

Don’t forget: you MUST include information from the first two links on jogtheweb, and you must visit at least two more sites to gather your information. One of them should be the website of the school you will attend.•What is your chosen career?•What kind of education or degree is required for your career?•How long will it take to get that education (how many years or months)?•What school will you attend (name of the school and the program)?•How much will it cost to get that education?•What is the job outlook for this career (found on OOH)?•What makes you great for this kind of career (what personal skills do you have—this section should be in paragraph form, not simply a list of qualifications)?•What are some other considerations (for example, would you have to leave your family, would you have to work for very little money to begin with, are you required to do an internship, etc.—this also should be in paragraph form)?

The design of your Glog is up to you—use whatever graphics you like in whatever format you like, but you must include the following items:•A Title which includes your name and your chosen career•A graphic of the logo or seal of the school of your choice•A hyperlink to the website of the school where you will get your education•A video showing information about your chosen career or an interview with a person in that field

Introducing: Future Me!

GLOG Requirements

RESEARCH Requirements


Yes, you are required to complete a bibliography for this assignment! You should have the following sources:•The Career Cruising website•The OOH website with the specific Job outlook page for your chosen career•The school website where you will receive your education•The website where you found your video•Any additional sites you visited AND GOT INFORMATION FROM!•Any interviews you conducted to get information



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