Introducing Electricity

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Introducing Electricity

The temporary use of electric current is heating and magnetifying.The premanent use of electric current is chemical reactionsWhen electric current pass through a high-resistance wire,it heat up and may produce some light.When electric current pass through a coiled wire,it create an electromagnet.The electromagnet can be made stronger by making there more current flowing through the coil by using silver,winding more coils and winding the coil around an iron coreWhen electric current pass through a solution with ions or charged particles, a chemical reaction occur which break down the solution

Electron flowing in one direction in a circuit or electron giving electrical energy as they move in the circuit form an electric current

When there is a source of electrical energy and a closed circuit,electric current will flow.

Series circuit has only a single pathway for electricity to flow.The current flow in the circuit is constant.If one bulb fuse,the entire circuit will have no electric flow as the circuit has a gap(fused bulb)Parallel circuit has more than one pathway in the circuit.This make the electricity able to flow in different ways.The current will divide and flow to the seperated circuit.If a bulb fuse,the other light bulb can still light up as there is no gap

Electric insulators are materials that is poor is conducting electricity.Electric conductors are materials that is googd in conducting electricity



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