Intro to Typography

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Intro to Typography

Ascender- the part of a lowercase letter, as b, d, f, h, that rises above x-height. A letter rising above x-height, as b, d, f, h, etc.Descender- The part of a lowercase letter that goes below the body. A letter having such a part, as p, q, j, or y.Serif- A smaller line used to finish off a main stroke of a letter, as at the top and bottom of M.Counter-The enclosed or partially enclosed circular or curved negative space (white space) of some letters such as d, o, and s is the counter.Baseline-The imaginary line on which the bottoms of primary letters align.Cap Height- Refers to the height of a capital letter above the baseline for a particular typeface. It specifically refers to the height of capital letters that are flat—such as H or I—as opposed to round letters such as O, or pointed letters like A, both of which may display overshoot.X-Height- The height of the small lettersSans Serif- A style of monotonal type without serifs.Slab Serif- A type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs.Blackletter- A heavy-faced type in a style like that of early European hand lettering and the earliest printed books.Script-A type imitating handwritingLeading- The space between linesTracking- The space between lettersKerning- The space between individual letters


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You will be given a word that expresses an emotion or idea. Work in Adobe Illustrator and use type style, kerning, leading, and tracking to show the meaning of the word. Save your final file as a JPEG and upload to your Glogster Account. We will present these to the class.

Designers use typography to communicate a client's message to an audience.

Go to and see how accurate you are at kerning. Tweet your score to dmanion1 password: creativity.

Take photos to match the vocabulary and place those images on a Glogster file with the vocabulary words and definitions. Be creative and make a visual page. Look for signs, menus, logos, and advertisements.

Open the attatched "Typography Assignment 1" below. Complete the assignment and upload your file to your Glogster account.



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