Intro to Glogster EDU

by GTA110
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Intro to Glogster EDU

Student Work

Student Profiles(Personal Posters)

Teacher Assignments

Ideas for Glogster EDU

Club Pages

Students and Teachers can...- Create their own individual posters. - Glogster posters can include photographs, video, music and words to help express individuallity.- Students can access Glogster from home - this makes uploading personal photos much easier!- Students can easily share what they are creating with parents at home.

Glogster Pages can be created to...- State assignments- Provide Examples- Create Learning Centers- Post teacher videos- Post teacher picture files (sample work)

Students Can...- Post their own work- Upload their finished projects (video, photostory, music file, etc)Teacher Can...- Create a page of student work for all to see- Virtual Bulletin Board- Highlight student work

Teachers can...- Post pictures and videos for students to see and share with their family and friends.- Share important information with studentsStudents can...- Access and work on Glogster from home- Communicate with other students in their class/club



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