Intro to 3D Modeling

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Intro to 3D Modeling

Introduction to 3D Modeling(MA115 Principles of 3D Modeling)

Welcome to 3D ModelingThe focus of this course is to introduce you to 3DS Max, a primary 3D modeling tool used in the film, animation, and game industries. Look at what pervious students have accomplished in this course. You too will be making 3D models like this. Audio Message

Prepared by James Haldy

To BeginYou will need to download a copy of 3DS Max 2013 for your home personal computer. You will be expected to do at least 10 hours a week on homework assignments.You can get a free student version of 3DS Max 2013 at the Autodesk site below. AutodeskThe Next StepAfter you have installed 3DS Max 2013 on your home computer you will want to begin to familiarize yourself with the program's interface. There is a downloadable user guide for this program on the eCompanion site for this course, along with other starting tutorials. You will also find there the course syllabus which will lay out the plan for the entire quarter. RememberThe more you put into this course the more you will get out of it.

Some Useful LinksAutodesk TrainingDigital Tutors (3D training videos)Gamasutra (game industry site)Animation Mentor (animation training)



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