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Costa Rica

In Spain, I ate whole shrimp - eyes and all! They are common in the paella.

I lived in Puerto Rico for four months.

I'm getting married in July!!

This is a baby blanket I crocheted for a friend of mine.:)

Hey all! I'm Katie. I have a little sister and am close to my parents. I got engaged last year to my awesome fiancee and am looking forward to getting married. I am getting my Masters in Education with two focuses: Leadership Studies and Technology Integration.

Growing up, my family was avid hunters. I have eaten things like squirrel and deer tongue!

Katie Heinlein

Three of my favorite movies are The Last Samurai, El Dorado (the John Wayne version), and Open Season.

Our two dogs - Jethro (the yellow lab) and Charlie (the German Shepherd)

This is one of my favorite songs. The video is a little sad though.

This is my classroom.

I teach Spanish at a small school in Waynesburg, PA. This is my 3rd year of teaching.

This is my fiancee, Paul, and I.

My favorite aspect of online class is the flexible time and work schedule. I also like that I can return to lessons to review as I need to.

If I had to change anything about myself it would be my self-doubt. I have a bad habit of questioning myself too often.



  • BethaniVilkoski 7 years ago

    BethaniVilkoski's avatar

    I really like your "glog"! I am also getting my Masters in Technology Integration. Congrats on your engagement. Sometimes I feel like I need to go live in Puerto Rico for 4 months! Haha!

  • BethaniVilkoski 7 years ago

    BethaniVilkoski's avatar

    It looks like you have a decent sized classroom. Do you have many students?

  • liweipeng 7 years ago

    liweipeng's avatar

    Congrats on your engagement!! Glad to have you in the Technology Integration emphasis. Would you mind sharing with us the technology resources you have integrated into your Spanish class? :)

  • kheinlei 7 years ago

    kheinlei's avatar

    I use my SmartBoard daily. I have developed a Google site for all classroom resources. I use Screencast-O-Matic to record screenshot videos of PowerPoints and online instruction I want to provide the students with.

  • kheinlei 7 years ago

    kheinlei's avatar

    My largest class is 28 students and my smallest is 1 students so I have a wide range LOL it's difficult some days bouncing back and fourth between a large class and a small class.

  • kheinlei 7 years ago

    kheinlei's avatar

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