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MOSIMuseum of Science and Industry


Why I chose MOSI

As a child during the summers, my family and I did a lot of outdoor activities. We went camping every summer, went to the beach, rode bikes, went hiking and just played outside! I learned a lot about nature, and myself during my childhood summers. I learned how to interact with different people like peers and family. I learned about people's cultures and also about my own. Above all, I learned that it is important to have fun and do activities you enjoy! I plan on making my experience at MOSI both enjoyable and educational. I want to connect the fun aspect of scientific adventures and experiments with real-life knowledge.

This summer I will be volunteering at MOSI for my alternative field experience! I will be working in the summer science camp program with students from second to fourth grade. The camp starts on June 9th. I will be volunteering from 9 am to 6 pm, every Monday and Friday.


I chose MOSI because I have a passion for the subject of science. I have always loved doing science experiments, investigations, and learning about anything science as a child! During my internship, I loved teaching science to my students and seeing them react to fun, scientific facts and activities we completed. I am so excited to work at the science camp this summer and expand the minds of the students I will be working with.

My Summer Experiences

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